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Print Of The Month Themes 2017

_MG_6394-1Each participant should bring an 8×10 print of their photo. When you arrive just tape your photo in one of the provided mat frames, add a numbered corner to the frame and place it in a stand on the Print of the Month table. Three club members who have been approved as qualified judges, will judge & score photos on a 0-100 pt scoring system. First, second & third place ribbons will be awarded at the meeting and their winning scores will be announced. Winners should congregate after the meeting for a photo. All scores & scoring averages will be posted at the scoring table. Participating judges will be at the scoring table at end of the meeting to discuss scoring and how each photo might be improved for competition.

January – Depth of Field

February – Motion

Techniques for showing motion would be using a slow shutter speed for things like water or clouds. Panning using a slow shutter while panning the camera in the same direction as the motion, or freezing the action when shooting fast moving objects like people playing sports or birds flying.

March – Lines

Lines are an important part of composition and some of the lines that judges will be looking for are leading lines, repeating vertical or horizontal lines, and S curve lines.

April – Salon Competition / No print of the month

May – Decisive Moment

Timing is critical in photo journalism or street photography to tell a story in the best possible way. Subjects should be candid and not posed. See Henri Cartier-Bresson for examples.

June – Contrast and Tone

High key and low key images are great ways to show how contrast and tone can create the mood of an image.

July – Ambient Light

Photography is all about light and it is critical to understand the different qualities of light and how they affect a subject. Judges will be looking for qualities of light that compliment the subject, such as hard or soft light, warm or cool    light, directional light, rim light or silhouette.

August – Artificial Light

Everyone should be familiar with using artificial light while making the subject look as natural as possible. Techniques used can include on camera flash, bounce flash, off camera flash, flash fill outdoors, or  light painting.

September – Color

Colors are symbolic and have an important role in composition. IE: green = quiet, peaceful, purple = royalty, red = intense emotion etc. Judges will be looking for opposite or complimentary colors, warm or cool colors, muted or strong colors which compliment the subject.

October – Forced Prospective

We need a little fun after dealing with Hurricane Irma!

Forced perspective is a fun, visual play on depth perception – with sometimes hilarious results! When composing a forced perspective image, make sure your main subject is either larger or smaller than everything else. This involves experimenting with interesting angles, and positions for your subjects. Have fun!

November – Black and White

Rarely do images look equally good in both color and b&w. In this category judges will be looking for any patterns, texture, form, repetition, shapes, simplicity, balance, and positive and negative space which should enhance the overall image.

December – No print of the month